Oakley Frogskins Matte Black/Violet Iridium Sunglasses

Image of Oakley Frogskins Matte Black/Violet Iridium Sunglasses

$115.00 - On Sale

Way back in the '80s when pink spandex was king, people scrambled to find a pair of Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses. And whether you choose to go for the Shaun White sigs or for a polished pro, the Frogskins will block those harmful UV rays as you stroll down the street with a ghetto-blaster on your shoulder. Brand new pair of Oakley Frogskins. They are matte black/violet Iridium and come with a soft case. The frames are plastic and the hinges are stainless steel. The material that the lenses are made out of are polycarbonate. These are a very nice pair of sunglasses and are still Very popular. These are a real pair of Oakleys and are guaranteed to not be knockoffs. If you have any questions just ask and i will answer them right away.